Mackay Base Hospital Multi Story Carpark

The new facility will include around 1000 extra parks and there is already $75m in the budget to cover construction costs.

This will make sure that locals can find a parking spot at site when they need to see a loved one in the hospital, or visit for appointments.

The cost of parking is yet to be determined, but I’ll be lobbying to make sure it’s kept as low as possible. It will all go towards maintaining the facility and hospital.

At a similar car park at Rocky Hospital, the costs for most visitors are $4 per visit, and $2 for concession card holders. There are also further concessions for staff and those who use the hospital regularly. I’ll be raising all of this with stakeholders.

But the most important thing is that we’re making sure everyone can access the hospital, especially with the 128 new beds we’re delivering as part of the hospital expansion.