Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro - A huge project for Mackay

Queensland’s biggest ever infrastructure project will be delivered in Mackay, with a reservoir to be built at Netherdale in the Pioneer Valley which will supply half of our state’s entire energy needs.

Called the Pioneer-Burdekin Hydro, this is the biggest project Mackay has ever seen  —  bigger than our harbour, our airport, and it’s bigger than Cross River Rail in Brisbane.

The Pioneer-Burdekin mega project, located about 75km west of Mackay could be the largest pumped hydro project in the world, with potential generation capacity 2.5 times that of Snowy 2.0.

It has the potential to deliver up to 5GW for 24 hours or 120GWh, given the favourable topography of the area.

This is exciting news for our region, creating jobs and opportunities, and will ensure affordable, reliable, clean energy for all Queenslanders.

The Palaszczuk Government is delivering this project which will create thousands of new local jobs and provides a future for our kids.

Key highlights include:

The site will be subject to rigorous environmental assessments and landholders are already being contacted to ensure minimal disruption. There will be no inundation of the national park.

As your local member, I will always support an investment in the future of our region, jobs for locals, and cheaper power prices.

The Pumped Hydro has been welcomed by local business groups and business leaders , including leaders from GW3 and the Resource Centre of Excellence who have publicly backed the project.

Tender opportunities have gone out for local businesses and their workforce to be involved in a range of services for the project.

These include equipment, raw materials, hydrological modelling, shallow drilling, earthworks, ecological and biodiversity studies, provision of catering, printing services, safety equipment and workwear. For further information contact the QLD Hydro team at 

View a factsheet about the project here.